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Ponemah Bog

Length: 0.8 mile loop

Difficulty (click for info): Beginner

Elevation Gain: 20 feet

Rating (click for info): 7/10

Type: Kettle-Hole Bog

Driving Directions:
Trailhead and parking area are at the end of Rhodora Drive, in Amherst, NH. From the junction of Rts. 101A and 122, drive north on 122 for just 230 feet and take the right onto Stearns Road. Drive 1.1 miles down Stearns Road, then take a right onto Rhodora Drive. Continue 0.1 miles and turn left onto a short dirt road which leads 200 feet to the parking area. Click here for a Google map.

Trail Map

About the Hike:
Ponemah Bog is an average Kettle Hole Bog with a small pond in its center. A 0.8-mile boardwalk loop leads through the bog, providing an excellent nature walk in all seasons and wonderful solitude in the midst of a populated area. The boardwalk features three observation decks over the center pond. The trail into the bog starts in a neighborhood. Walk past a kiosk depicting the plant life you will see and begin your walk on the left fork of the well-graded Bog Trail (you will return on the right fork). After 0.1 miles, bear right to stay on the trail as Bypass Trail diverges left. You will quickly come upon an observation deck, from which you can look into the bog. Just past the tower, Bypass Trail rejoins from the left. You will then arrive at the edge of the bog, where you will step out onto the boardwalk. Here, close to the forest, the bushes and plants in the bog grow taller than those in the middle. There are many blueberry bushes along the boardwalk. As you move into the bog, you will start to see some pitcher plants beside the boardwalk. As the boardwalk continues out, the plant life decreases in stature, until finally, you emerge in the open bog. Here, you will see the pond in the center of the bog.

After 0.1 miles on the boardwalk, a spur boardwalk, called "Sundew View", just under 0.1 miles long, turns left and leads through an area where you can see the many tiny sundew plants growing from the peat. At the end is a viewing platform which is surrounded with small fir trees. Continuing on, the main boardwalk leads through the open bog along the west shore of the pond and reaches another junction. Turn left and walk 10 feet to another junction. To the left is the second viewing platform, which has a good view of the pond. To the right, another spur ("Tamarack View") leads through a heavily vegetated area to the third viewing platform. Here also is a nice view of the center pond. Returning to the main boardwalk, the path leads back toward the forest. It passes large amounts of bog rosemary as the vegetation gradually becomes larger. A bench along the way makes a nice place to enjoy the bog. The boardwalk then takes you back through the transitional zone and into the forest, returning to the parking area after a quarter mile.

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